BAS2713 | oil on board 160x125cm | 2018


array601 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2018


array613 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2018


yon-F03 | oil on cylindrical board 121x96x30cm + steel pipe | 2017


array626 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2018


array622 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2018


yon-H01 | oil on cylindrical board 50x40x13cm + steel pipe | 2017


array511 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2017


array501 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2017


array425 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2017


array413 | oil on board 50x40cm | 2016


painting is frankenstein's utopia: to give life to dead flesh. with the difference that today this flesh no longer exists, we are left with the image of it.

we are moving from a tangible understanding of the world toward an immaterial one. in western civilization the progressive predominance of the mental dimension (logos) has a long history, and today's virtual reality is the mature outcome of this process. if the last century celebrated the death of god, our century would affirm the death of the fleshly human. people don't perceive people, yet mental images glued like stickers on their physical bodies. these images are becoming our primary object of identification and desire; they are self-containing worlds and – strangely enough – emotionally present and at the same time physically absent.

i want to create new images and another relationship with them; artificial images having a „physical visibility“ detectable only by real life experience, in a way that the eyes (and the hands) can touch the image, which is a real thing, rather than a shiny representation. my images emerge from a performance process, focused on the instant experience and in which the result is totally unexpected. only after the image is formed, i begin to look, recognize, accept or reject.

if the romantic exaltation of sentiment has ideally participated in the devastation of the two world wars and helped to mark the moral end of western culture by turning the same feelings into a taboo, is today possible to establish an integration of logos and pathos, mental dimension and animal roots?

i believe painting has the power to let emerge a post-human creature; the humanity not yet known, a kind of inner landscape.


born 1969 in vico equense, italy

living and working in leipzig, germany